Wonder Woman Nail Art: Off-Topic Manicure

Wonder Woman Nail Art by Horror Nails
Wonder Woman Nail Art by Horror Nails

Every now and then, I take a break from coating my nails with the blood of innocents, and create a manicure that isn’t horror-themed.

For my first off-topic manicure at Horror Nails, I’m waggling some Wonder Woman fingers all up in your face!

Wonder Woman Nail Art: General Info

Wonder Woman Nail Decal
Wonder Woman Nail Decal

This manicure was my first foray into the world of water slide decals, and I’d say it was pretty damn successful, wouldn’t you? (FYI: if you say no, I’ll feed you to the starving hitchhikers chained up in my basement.)

You too can have super-easy, super-sassy superhero fingers! All you need to do is get bitten by a radioactive Etsy shop. Or, I suppose you could just buy them from a not-radioactive Etsy shop, if you’re boring like that.

Etsy store AMnails is a regoddamndiculous treasure trove of water decals. While I was looking for the link to the Wonder Woman decals, I found these Bettie Page decals:

Bettie Page decals from AMnails


Wonder Woman Manicure: Finger-By-Finger Breakdown

Want to know about the rest of the fingers in this manicure? Then read on!

Don’t want to know about the rest of the fingers in this manicure? Then read on! Because I will feed you to my shark-fingers if you displease me.

Index finger:

Wonder Woman Nail Art - Index Finger
Wonder Woman Nail Art – Index Finger

I used Hula Aruba! by Fingerpaints. It’s a glittery, bright yellow jelly polish, shown here in three coats with a mattifying top coat (Essie’s Matte About You).

Before I came to understand what the hell a jelly polish is, I called Hula Aruba! “What the Fuck? Why Did I Buy This? This Sheer Shit Doesn’t Work for Nail Stamping At All!” I guess Hula Aruba! is a slightly catchier name, though.

The stamping was done with red Konad polish and Cheeky plate CH26.

Middle finger:

Wonder Woman Nail Art - middle finger - horror nails
Wonder Woman Nail Art – Middle Finger

This gorgeous dark blue, sparkly base polish is Starry Starry Night by Essie. The stars are from Cheeky plate CH5, stamped here with an underwhelming white stamping polish by MoYou.

Normally, everything I get from MoYou Nails is perfection, but this white stamping polish is mediocre — it picks up images just okayish, and it lacks the opacity and brightness of Konad white.

The bottle it came in doesn’t look at all like MoYou’s current packaging, so I wonder if it’s an older formula. If you’re interested in trying MoYou’s white stamping polish, avoid buying the bottle that looks like this:

Mediocre White MoYou Stamping Polish

Pinky finger:

Wonder Woman Nail Art - Pinky Finger - Horror Nails
Wonder Woman Nail Art – Pinky Finger

For my final fabulous finger, I used Sally Hansen’s Cha-Ching, a silver and red glitter, between layers of Essie’s Clambake. Clambake is a goddamn gorgeous red jelly polish, and it’s going to show up in a buttload of my manicures.

The stars are from Cheeky plate CH4, and I continue to be underwhelmed by that white MoYou stamping polish.

Jelly Sandwiches and Cannibalism:

Wonder Woman Nail Art - Jelly Sandwich - Horror Nails
I don’t care if you just looked at my pinky finger. LOOK AT IT AGAIN. LOOK AT IT. Mmmmmm, jelly sandwich. *Homerdrool*

My pinky finger was my first time making a jelly sandwich.

“Jelly sandwich” is a very cute name for layering stuff like glitter or nail stamping between coats of sheer polish to achieve a three-dimensional effect.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment I’ve set up in your home to spy on you, I hear you wondering aloud, “Exactly how cute is the name jelly sandwich?” Well, let me tell you:

The name “jelly sandwich” is so cute, it sometimes tricks me into trying to eat my own fingers. Then, I come to my senses and eat someone else’s fingers.

I need all ten of mine for nail arting, but I need yours for protein.

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