Hellraiser Nail Art

Hellraiser Nail Art by HorrorNails.com
Hellraiser Nail Art by HorrorNails.com

Hellraiser nail art: for people who want to look fabulous while being tortured until the end of time!*

*NOTE: Chipping may occur after a couple millennia, but I’ve heard that cenobite semen works as a pretty durable top coat. Good luck finding it on eBay! A jerk named GiveMeS0meP1nhead42069 outbids me every. single. goddamn. time.

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Jaws Nail Art

When I was a little girl, my father took me to a Jaws marathon. It made me:

  • Psychologically scarred for life
  • Convinced that tiny sharks hide in bathtub drains, waiting to swarm out and kill anyone who’s foolish enough to remain in the tub after pulling the plug
  • Obsessed with all things horror

So, it’s only fitting that Jaws is the inspiration for my first horror-themed manicure!

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