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Jaws Nail Art

When I was a little girl, my father took me to a Jaws marathon. It made me:

  • Psychologically scarred for life
  • Convinced that tiny sharks hide in bathtub drains, waiting to swarm out and kill anyone who’s foolish enough to remain in the tub after pulling the plug
  • Obsessed with all things horror

So, it’s only fitting that Jaws is the inspiration for my first horror-themed manicure!

Jaws Nail Art: General Info

Jaws Manicure: Finger-by-Finger Breakdown

Yay! This will be fun! I love breaking fingers (and legs, toes, noses, the spirits of my enemies–the list goes on and on).


Jaws Nail Art - Thumb
Jaws Nail Art – Thumb

I painted the water by hand with a variety of blue polishes, including a few jelly polishes. The jellies give the water a look of depth — in person, the ocean almost seems 3D.

I added the adorable touches of gore with red Konad stamping polish, using MoYou London’s Blood, Glorious Blood Everywhere! I Looooove Me Some Blood Collection Artist Collection plate 23:

MoYou London Blood-splatter AKA Artist plate 23

Seriously, if anyone is buying this stamping plate for images of paint spatter instead of blood splatter, YOU ARE NAIL ARTING AND PROBABLY DOING EVERYTHING ELSE IN LIFE ALL WRONG.

Okay, I obviously I have very intense opinions about MoYou’s misnamed stamping plate, but let’s get back on track.

Index finger:

Jaws Nail Art - Index Finger
Jaws Nail Art – Index Finger

This gradient was made with an electric blue holographic polish from Orly that I’ve had for years (and that has no name on the bottle), and  Bottle of Infinite Stars, a sumptuous dark blue jelly by Femme Fatale Cosmetics.

Middle finger:

Jaws Nail Art - Middle Finger
Jaws Nail Art – Middle Finger

I used Rapid Red by Sally Hansen and Clambake by Essie for the dripping blood vinyls. I love the oozing quality of the blood on my middle and pinky fingers.

That’s what’s great about nail vinyls: if you use thick polish or layers of polish, they can bring texture and even a three dimensional feel to nail art designs.

For the hint of water, I used a makeup sponge to dab on a few layers of Cinderella by Sinful Colors (a very light, sparkly blue jelly).

Ring finger:

Jaws Nail Art - Ring Finger
Jaws Nail Art – Ring Finger

For my ring finger, I did a play on the classic french tip design.

I used a kitchen sponge to make an intentionally rough gradient, hoping to capture the look of churning water. Normally, I use makeup sponges for gradients, but they apply polish too smoothly for what I wanted to achieve here.

From lightest to darkest in this gradient, I used:

  • Cinderella by Sinful Colors
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Blue Away
  • Blue Velvet Marc Jacobs (which works wonderfully as a stamping polish, FYI)

Pinky Finger:

Jaws Nail Art - Pinky
Jaws Nail Art – Pinky

I wish I knew the name of this blue holo polish by Orly, because it is so dang pretty and sparkly and sparkly and did I mention sparkly? Spaaaaaarrrrkly. Let’s pretend it’s made from the blood of really fabulous smurfs.

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